ebr is an electronic book review, an online forum allowing critical writers to present their work on the Internet. We are committed to reviewing (literally, seeing again) every aspect of book culture--fiction, poetry, criticism, and the arts--in the context of emerging media. At the same time, ebr is a review of electronic books, promoting translations and transformations from print to screen, and covering literary work that can only be read in electronic formats.

In this opening issue of ebr you'll find:

A Review of Books in the Age of Their Technological Obsolescence

Joseph Tabbi on media theory, book reviewing, Bruce Sterling's dead media project, and Richard Powers's Galatea 2.2

Notes from the Digital Overground

Mark Amerika on establishing Alternative-X in the no-man's land between commercial, academic, and underground media

Cyborg Ideology

N. Katherine Hayles discusses what happens when postmodern writers theorize in a void

The Maul of America

liquid architect Marcos Novak on William Mitchell's City of Bits

Sleepless in Seattle

Paul Harris explores IN.S.OMNIA's technographies

Cyberinthian Ways

Linda Brigham imagines what a hypertext philosophy might be

My Body the Library

Michael Joyce looks at experimental hypertext, body art, body piercing, and web culture

Bugging the Net

Peter Krapp riffs on the philosophy underlying his web site, foreign body

Carolyn Guyer

checks in on the Telematik Workgroup in Hamburg, Germany

Walter Vannini

investigates the effects of hypertext publishing in Italy's literary marketplace

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