tape for the turn of the year:
conversations with and about daniel wenk
recorded by joseph tabbi



FRIDAY EVENING, January 1999

Gold Star, 10:30. Two draft beers, DAB ($7.00 with tip). Daniel agrees that an interview would be better than an essay. He wants a text that will be unlike all the other catalogue texts. During the past few days, he's been reading my copy of Gregory Bateson's Steps to an Ecology of Mind. Could we do something along the lines of a metalogue?

Daniel asks if I know whether, on the Internet, he might find information about Monaco? A font he and Jennifer are considering for the catalogue. Our working title, The Truth on Tape, comes out of the Clinton impeachment trials, but surely the connection with Monica is too oblique.


at the bar, from a woman in her late twenties talking with two young men: "He thinks he's his own worst critic..."

I recall Daniel's opinion of the art on display, three years ago when we started coming to this bar: Kunstkacke.

By midnight the noise is unbearable. Gentrification has reached Division Street on our heels. We'll meet tomorrow and discuss procedures over breakfast.