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Network Voices:
A Note from the Curator

Mark Amerika

How can artists working along the blurry boundary of music, sound, and noise let the language speak itself?

How can they charge language with meaning to the utmost possible degree?

"Network Voices" is an mp3 compilation that features the work of a variety of interdisciplinary artists and critical theorists playing with audio signals. This cluster of digital language investigations pursues the idea of writing as sound, writing as event, writing as experience, and writing as performative gesture. If, as Wittgenstein suggests, the self is grammatical, if it punctuates its own meaning in the space-time-matter of targeted compositional methodologies as executed via an ongoing ungoing Life Style Practice, then it also marks a positioning within the discourse network.

The polyvocality of "simultaneous actions" streaming across this discourse network points to a malleable context that risks buying into an ideology of sound investments, of hedging against the readymade norm of willingly allowing oneself to be absorbed into the commercial electrosphere.

Maybe it's time we started listening to those voices inside our head.




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