An Emotive Link. The fiancé, who at this point in the story is just becoming aware of his bethrothed’s affair, considers her.

Read the example below, then click the Emotive Link (for the purposes of this essay all other links have been removed from the text).

The “if I were here” does not link to a section where she is thinking about something or more literally, where he is her. Instead it goes to a node in which the "she" is in the middle of a frolicking flirtatious beginning with the lover, a beginning which as readers may or may not know, depending on their reading trajectory, will become something much more serious.

The intent is to elicit a kind of emotional response from the reader. If writers are supposed to make their characters sympathetic, this link is the effect by which the reader may begin to care about the fiancé character. The link becomes a way of showing that while he sits alone pining for her, expecting she's thinking about her new lover, indeed she is. If he were her, he'd be hanging out with her lover-to-be right now. The emotion can begin to come into play by the way the link explicates the situation.