A Filler Link. Since hypertext by its very nature is nonlinear, moments in the story may be read before other nodes upon which they’re dependent. This may be a desired effect, but when it is not, the author wants to provide a functional link for the reader to the information necessary to contextualize the text at hand, to fill in the gap in linearity.

Read the example below, then click the Filler Link (for the purposes of this essay all other links have been removed from the text).

The text refers to an earlier experience with a specific individual he refers to as a “walking mucous container”—the fiance character, incidentally, refers to all humans as walking mucuous containers.  The link is placed on the reference and directs the reader to the following node explaining who the walking mucous container is and why.

While this may be difficult to see out of context, notice that the reference to the individual alone wasn’t linked but the reference to an implied experience of having met the individual before. Were this A Blatant Link, it might link only the phrase, walking mucous container, which could link to a description of why he calls people such things. Instead it acts as something of a reference, again its mostly low meaning, literal movement.