Selling Out in a Buyer's Market

riPOSTe: Michael Bérubé responds to the respondents in Selling Out.

In this issue of ebr:

Cultural Criticism and The Politics of Selling Out

Michael Bérubé is one of the rare cultural scholars who has actually gotten
a hearing in the media and mainstream journals of American culture. In this
feature essay, he claims that left intellectuals have little choice but to
sell out, if they want to make a difference in the culture they critique.
But which way is out? And who gets to go public? In this issue of ebr, ten
university-based writers carry Bérubé's provocation into spheres of culture
and media that have yet to become truly "public."

Avant-Popomo Now

Ronald Sukenick turns hypercapitalism inside out, and finds no place to hide

Exterminate the Brutes: Fighting Back Against the Right

should the Left pool its resources and buy CBS? Robert Markley offers
strategies for avoiding Patrick Buchanan's jihad

Them, Meaning Us

FC2 Co-publisher Curtis White defends radical fiction against Left radical

Getting the Dirt on The Public Intellectual: A response to Michael Bérubé

systems theorist Cary Wolfe lays bare the assumptions that define Bérubé's

Something is Happening, Mr. Jones

Marjorie Perloff on the surprising viability of art and poetry--everywhere
but in universities

who is michael bérubé and why is he saying these terrible things about us?

Joe Amato muses on academic stardom, the poetics list, and the corporation
that motors his university

On Netscape, Virtual Slaves and Making Moolah

Mark Amerika goes public, and reveals speculative fiction and market
speculations to be one and the same

Virtual Communities: Public Intellectuals and Public Spheres on the Internet

can electronic conversations reconstitute Bérubé's lost public sphere? a
marxist analysis by Jamie Daniel

A Project for a New Consultancy

Joseph Tabbi and Gregory Ulmer discuss what intellectual work will be like
in the new electracy

also in this issue:

Academia, Inc.

Linda Brigham reviews Incorporations, the most recent collection from Zone Books

Wild Ambitions

David Cassuto reviews Wild Ideas, a collection of ecocritical essays

Designing Our Disciplines in a Postmodern Age--and Academy

Matt Kirschenbaum on Richard Coyne's philosophical treatment of technographics

The Revolution May Not Be Computerized

Daniel Riess on Roger Chartier's media history

Writing the Paradigm

an overview of Gregory Ulmer's thought by Victor Vitanza

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