Why Glue?

In Glas Derrida devotes considerable attention to the phenomenon of agglutination, and speaks of the gl and the glu. This theory resonated with the phrase used by peers to tease me in grade school (generating Elmer's Glue from Ulmer). My interest in arts using collage equaled my interest in theory: the art of collage has been defined as the art of gluing. One negative review described Applied Grammatology as "sticking to Derrida like glue."

My initials are G.L.U. + the French silent e. The properties of glue are suggestive of my concern with group formation, with a certain kind of community creation. I have not done a full examination of the vehicle. I use glue online, usually in a MOO setting, but also in e-mail. Students often remind me about how glue is made. I have not thought about the implications of that yet.

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