Ongoing projects?

A couple of things in Australia, where I visited just last August [of 1995]. Darren Tofts in Melbourne has been e-viewing me also, for a piece he is writing for the journal World Art. He is working with the talk I gave at the Power Institute of Fine Arts in Sydney last August, plus my responses to a series of questions. He is especially interested in extrapolating choragraphy to the context of fine arts.

Also in Australia, some e-mail and fax exchanges with Cameron Tonkin and Tony Fry, among others, of the EcoDesign Foundation. They are conducting an international competition on behalf of the Future Generations University--a joint Japan-Australia initiative for a new University devoted entirely to a sustainable future. The site is north of Sydney, but the scope of the institution is meant to be global. The design must address not only the site but also curriculum and administration. While I was in Sydney we talked about the electronic dimension of such an institution, and these conversations have continued. I have been thinking about trying to put together a design team to enter the competition.

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