LYNN BREEDLOVE: On every level of sex, there's a power dynamic, and prostitution is just one far end of the spectrum of that power dynamic. And that's what makes sex not objectifiable. Just because I'm a girl, a feminist, and a dike, doesn't mean that when I see a fine babe walking down the street I don't go, "Woah, she's fine." I might not be thinking "I'd like to pork that" like guys do. Men really are thinking about putting their dick in your butt.

CAE: The law wants all women to remove sexuality from the work place, so more work will get done. The more you alienate people from each other the more power you have over them. It's a way of exerting control over people and subtly reinforcing strict value codes. Economic power thrives on people being alienated from each other. Because then they're not putting their energy in exchanging ideas. These powers, call them what you will, want people to do consuming and producing, and nothing else. One of the reasons people have been legislated from having sexual thoughts in the work place is so that people will focus on consuming or producing. The state wants to get rid of human nature.

LYNN BREEDLOVE: We act like men have the power. Men get to be perverts. They've always gotten to be perverts. They get to walk around on their knees and be humiliated by dominatrixes. We should be able to do perverted things and say stupid things and not have people criticize it.

GUERRILLA GIRLS: There's a big pie, and we'll give a quarter to women and they have to fight over who gets it. Is it going to be a white woman or a white lesbian or a black woman or a native American? It's sad because it still comes down to the fact that we are given the piece of the pie and it's not life we can take control over it. Until that changes, the power is still in the hands of the white man and he is doling out little sections.

LYNN BREEDLOVE: It's not anti- feminist. In master-slave or dominatrix and submissive play the whole idea is that the person who is dominated generates tremendous excitement, that to completely give up all their will to this woman momentarily, not for the rest of her life, not politically, just sexually. "Ok, I'm going to be on my knees and I'm going to let you tie me up, dress me in funny outfits and humiliate me and make me do stupid stuff because I want to experience this."

LYNN BREEDLOVE: I was just reading feminist theory again and I was thinking, "Geez, I'm not allowed to objectify my girlfriend?" And I was, "Hey, what a rip off, why can't I? She has nice tits. What the hell?"

LYNN BREEDLOVE: I've always said that my clit has a mind of its own and I really would like to keep politics out of my bed. For a long time I felt guilty about how I felt sexually. "Oh, God, I'm having a rape fantasy, I'm a bad feminist. Beat myself up with a two by four." No, that's separate. I'm a political being, and I'm a feminist and I am a revolutionary, and I'm a sexual being, and that has nothing whatsoever to do with my political self other than that I believe in my right to do what I want with my body.

LYNN FLIPPER: Our humor is pretty caustic. Sort of like we're making fun of and taking apart our own culture. Like the first song, "Manipulate," which is just a total spoof on "Women's love is so friendly. Nothing bad could happen," and then it goes into this tirade about how I want to manipulate my girl friend.

LYNN BREEDLOVE: I believe in consenting adults having a good time. So, I don't believe that it's ok for me to grab my girlfriend, "Hey you fucking bitch, I'm going to kick your ass and beat the shit out of you" without her consent. But if she says, "Honey, let's play rough. . . ."

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