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The publication of electronic book review's double issue (numbers 6/7) on interactions of image and narrative created an opportunity for a general redesign of the ebr site itself. The editors' purpose has been not only to publish critical hypertexts but to make the journal itself a hypertext, an active, self-organizing structure capable of weaving new modes of critical writing into the World Wide Web.

Implemented by ebr visual editor, Anne Burdick, the new design is a visual ordering of an editorial project that evolved haphazardly over the first five issues, over a year from the winter of 1996 to the end of 1997. Rather than reject the design elements and signature themes that emerged from the staff's untutored experiments in issues 1-5, we have preserved the early templates and combined them into a graphic style that harmonizes with the journal's initial editorial vision. Beginning with the essays published in ebr9, a general issue or "gathering of threads" that revisits themes already established in our series of specials, we will begin finding ways to make the individual sections interact with each other. Thematic threads will be keyed to the background colors that now serve to identify topics in each special issue.

Templates for the various sections (riPOSTe, general reVIEWs, and feature essays) are available (see above). As always, contributors are encouraged to place hypertexts of their own design at a local website, for us to download.

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