all contributions should be titled

essays and reviews appear triquarterly in numbered issues; responses to essays and reVIEWs – i.e., riPOSTes - may go onsite at any time (readers on the ebr list will be notified of each update; also, a line will be added to the ebr splash page and the altx What’s New page)

all reviews should carry full publication information about the book or books under discussion; also, please provide publisher’s mailing address or website for small press titles

we expect formatted e-copy, in an attachment that is Windows-compatible; better still, and less costly for us, you may mark up your own copy in conformance with our templates (see our forms for reVIEWs, essays, and riPOSTes); we will gladly download the finished text from your website

shortly before publication, essays will be placed at the ebr worksite

authors will then be asked to proofread their work and send all corrections (c/o before the final file transfer to the ebr site

while we welcome unsolicited reviews, we prefer to make assignments that include understandings about length and due date. so it’s best to query first.

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