of general interest

Lessons in Latent History
Steffen Hantke
presents an archeology DeLillo's Underworld.


Enthralled by Systems
Chris Messenger reviews Tom LeClair's Passing Off.


Sorrentino's Synthetic Ink-quisitions
Anthony Miller
 interrogates Gilbert Sorrentino's metafictions.


The Powers of Horror
David Buuck decodes Dodie Bellamy's missives from beyond the grave.


Modernist Discontinuities
Michael Wutz maps the cultural coordinates of William Everdell's First Moderns.


The Raging Reporter and His Snoring Biographer
Hilmar Schmundt
reconsiders the life and art of the first 'new journalist'.


Hard Concepts and Soft Sells
Linda Brigham gets outside Cary Wolfe's systems.


Straight Out the Jungle
Matthew Fuller looks at ADILKNO'S analysis of the 'door as media,' the data and 'World War Two as an extended traffic accident,' and other touchstones compiled in The Media Archive.


The Intellectual after World War III: Arno Schmidt's Science Fiction
Ursula Heise reads Arno Schmidt's science fiction.

    ebr7 reviews

    Architecture as a Narrative Medium
    Christine Bucher,
    reviewing Beatriz Columnina, considers the narrative and photographic dimensions of interiors designed by Adolf Loos and Le Corbusier.


    "Oh Say Can You See It's All a Show": Bill and Gennifer and Bob and Paula and Jay and Monica and Dave and Hillary and Vernon and Karla Rush for Coverage on the 6:00 Uterine News (A Review-Enactment)
    H. Kassia Fleisher
    watches TV and reads Campaign '96: The View from the Couch.


    Pre/post-erous: La Jetée ciné-roman
    (>--woven into ebr9) Jon Wagner, Tracy Biga Mclean, and Chris Peters look at how an avant-garde classic writes its opposite in La Jetée, ciné-roman by Chris Marker and Bruce Mau.



    Object Lessons: From Work to Text to Book
    (>--woven into ebr9) Andrew Blauvelt juxtaposes the corporate history Thinkbook and Rem Koolhass's S, M, L, XL.





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