the politics of selling out

Michael Bérubé, one of the rare cultural scholars who has gotten a hearing in the media and mainstream journals of American culture, claims that left intellectuals have little choice but to sell out, if they want to make a difference in the culture they critique. But which way is out? And who gets to go public?

>>--> Lily James asks, If writers are so smart, then why aren't they rich?

>>--> Michael Bérubé responds to the respondents in the forum on selling out, and

>>>--> Joe Amato keeps the thread going.


>--> Eric Rasmussen Asks: Is Michael Bérubé Selling Postmodern Fiction Short?
>>--> Bérubé responds, and

>>--> Steve Tomasula lets genres bleed.

Year 2000: Unknown, Mark Amerika PANNED by Encyclopedia Britannica

>--> A group response from the Unknown, fashioned by Scott Rettberg, along with personal responses from William Gillespie and Dirk Stratton.

>--> critic Rob Wittig hopes the Unknown can someday REALLY get laid.

>--> publisher Mark Amerika issues a press release

on the sidelines:
>>--> Cary Wolfe responds to Michael Bérubé.

>>>--> Harold Fromm bristles at Wolfe's "grandstanding" use of gender-inclusive language,

>>>>--> and Wolfe defends his/her usage.