Our new Alt-X Press brings to web-readers a must-have library of avant-pop novels, collections of new media (h)activist writings, and critical ebooks. These experimental titles are available as free ebook downloads or as Print On-Demand books.

Our latest critical ebook release is "Illogic of Sense: The Gregory L. Ulmer Remix", edited by Darren Tofts and Lisa Gye and featuring writings by Nial Lucy, Marcel O'Gorman, Teri Hoskin, and John McKenzie, with a visionary ebook design by Alt-X web designer Joel Swanson.

  Alt-X Audio features concept albums, MP3 audio feeds, and essays on the EBR flip-side, "music-sound-noise." Recent features: tobias c. van veen's streaming Counter-Strike interventions, and a series of video-mixes from Alt-X Audio host, Trace Reddell.

The Alt-X Audio archive traces the history of eclectic web audio since our inception back in 1993. Everything from micro to word dub to ambient fiction and our most popular download of all, the "Network Voices" mp3 anthology of conceptual sound art.
  Hyper-X is one of the oldest and most respected online galleries of net art. Artists who have been featured in the space include Ben Benjamin, Jody Zellen, Lev Manovich, Kevin and Jennifer McCoy, Vuk Cosic, Tina Laporta, Melinda Rackham, Eugene Thacker, and Knut Mork

Abe Linkoln and Marisa Olson curate this exhibition of blog art in the form of a blog. Featuring work from David Lynch, Mark Amerika, jimpunk, MTAA, and many others. Check in to see the blog evolve and post your own comments.
  Black Ice has been a breakthrough literary journal devoted to publishing innovative fiction for over 20 years. Our Black Ice archives, featuring the smartest creative writers of our time, are more relevant than ever.

Some of the many writers whose work is profiled the Black Ice mix include Ron Sukenick, Adrienne Eisen, Doug Rice, Sandy Newman, Steven Dixon, Bruce Benderson, Wiley Wiggins, Shelley Jackson, McKenzie Wark, Edy Poppy, Erik Belgum, Lidia Yuknavitch, and Bob Flanagan.
  ebr hosts a prominent and largely spontaneous series of debates on electronic textuality, cyberculture, and digital design literacy in scholarly and critical writing. Some popular threads include Image and Narrative, Music/Sound/Noise, Web Arts, and Critical Ecologies.

The recently launched 4.0 version of ebr features a newly designed interface and database developed under the direction of long-time ebr design editor Anne Burdick. Now you can weave or thread your way through the ebr network gathering.
  The "Histories of Internet Art: Fictions and Factions" site tracks the early (and continuous) developments in the net art scene. Built by students in the TECHNE initiative at the University of Colorado in Boulder, the 3.0 version of the site features a new backend database.

HIAFF features email conversations, video interviews, and streaming media performances with some of today's most important net artists including Erik Loyer, Giselle Beiguelman, DJ Spooky, Donna Leischman, Mark Napier, Cory Arcangel, and Young Hae-Chang.
  Virtual Imprints is the live archive of the early Alt-X files. When Alt-X started its breakthrough net operations in 1993, we featured many areas of creative investigation including "Interzones," "Manifesto Destinies," and "Dirty Desires."

Early web pioneers featured in the various folders located in the Virtual Imprint archives include Mark Amerika, Steve Shaviro, Matthew Fuller, Sadie Plant, Hakim Bey, Critical Arts Ensemble, Marcos Novak, Eugene Thacker, Gashgirl, and Gomma. Also available here is "In Memoriam to Postmodernism"...
  Alt-X, now celebrating over 10 years of web life, is sponsored by the Alt-X Digital Arts Foundation. One of the premiere web sites devoted to supporting experimental art and writing, Alt-X is known internationally as a place where "the digerati meet the literati."

One need only look at the depth and breadth of the projects featured on the site, as well as the various artists and writers who contribute their unique visions to our growing content base, to see that we are a major hub in the web of online cultural experience.