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Your cover advertisement in ebr is now seen by more than 40,000 readers a month. As the academic wing of the altX publishing consortium, ebr attracts a loyal audience of writers, scholars, students and others actively engaged with contemporary literature and who regularly buy books about postmodern culture. A full 90% of our readers are either in college or have graduated from college. While the readers of most on-line journals are predominately male, the altX publishing consortium boasts a readership that is 40% women. It was awarded the elite Top 5% award by Lycos/Point Communications, the Neilsen ratings of the Internet. Referring to ebr, the London Observer recently cited its "excellent criticism from around the world" for part of this popularity. ebr delivers on-line advantages to its advertisers unavailable in print.

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...intellectually provocative” —Wired
...may be the literary publishing model of the future" —Publishers Weekly
...This is the Future"”—London Observer
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