There are two kinds of ad space available: A Splash Box and an Ad Page.

appear on the ebr home page and are rated according to height (in increments of 20 pixels). They appear for the duration of a single issue, usually 4 months. Splash boxes can be used in three ways:

--Splash box with no link
--Splash box with link to advertiser's url
--Splash box with link to Ad Page on ebr site

A 20 x 140 pixel splash box starts at $150.
Add $50 for each additional 20 pixels of height. Therefore:

20 x 140 is $150
40 x 140 is $200
60 x 140 is $250
100 x 140 is $350

Splash Box Restrictions

--Do not give your ad a border
--No animated gifs

If you wish to have your Splash Box link to an ad page that resides on ebr's site, you may purchase an ad page, with ongoing technical support, for the flat rate of $500. (A 'page length' is 640 x 960 pixels - that is, your ad will occupy the height and width of a conventional laptop screen)

For those who need advice on designing their ad, the ebr design team, working out of the offices of graphic artist Anne Burdick, is on hand to create your ad at the flat rate of $1000 per 'page.'

File size should not exceed 12k for Splash Boxes, 40k for Ad Pages. You will be charged $20 for each additional kilobyte.

Ads can be renewed at 60% of their original cost for each additional issue.

Our marketing representative will be happy to discuss your needs. We can be reached directly by writing to ebr@uic.edu.

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