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Internet art is an important medium to consider when it comes to the context of the conference and "Rethinking the Visual." As an interactive, dynamic, customizable and participatory medium, the Internet has challenged traditional notions of the artist and artwork and requires reconsideration of the aesthetics of "visual art" as we know it. Internet art is not by nature a "visual" medium but always consists of a back end --code and data-- and a front end, the visual form, this code takes. There are projects that are mostly focused on the document or database/archive and pieces that are predominantly visual. For any set of data, there are multiple possibilities for visualization, which require aesthetic choices. The title "Mapping Transitions" both refers to the actual process of giving visual form to different kinds of data and data flow and to the transitions between more traditional forms of visual arts and this new medium. The work of the selected artists is particularly relevant when it comes to the concept of mapping these transitions.

The conference opening will coincide with the opening of the "Mapping Transitions" Internet art forum organized by Christiane Paul, Adjunct Curator of New Media Arts at the Whitney Museum of American Art, and Mark Amerika, Professor of Digital Art at The University of Colorado. The forum will include 3 commissioned pieces from Internet artists whose work was selected for the Whitney Biennial 2002 including Mary Flanagan, Lisa Jevbratt, and John Klima. Ms. Paul and all of the artists will be present at the opening and will present their work to open up the conference dialogue.
  Curators: Christiane Paul // Mark Amerika