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In taking the integration of text and image back to the mindset that creates it, then, note the impossibility at this late date of the 20th century of the naive reading: "In Fourteen hundred and ninety-two, Columbus sailed the Ocean blue." But he doesn't discover America anymore. Or rather, that isn't all he does. He invades, he exterminates, he trespasses, he appropriates (or do you say enslaves?) a space and the indigenous people(s) (I won't say natives) who lived where ever it was that they lived before Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci did whatever it was that they did.

You see, words and images — signs — are permeated by their own histories. Not just the emotionally charged ones, like this ancient religious symbol of good luck. Roll over the following and try to rewrite "Mary Had a Little Lamb" without using the letter 's' as A. Ross Eckler does:

Ideas are no more easily separated from their forms than denotation can be cleaved from connotation (or as William Gass asks, Is it possible to write tragedy in limerick?). If for lack of an 's' school becomes academe, then Arcadian high-mindedness replaces rules and Mary's now contraband lamb makes her a criminal in an associative world of court systems and prisons.

And we are all too aware of this. Ask, 'What are the politics of this ad?' and even Mary's lamb could slog out a rhetorical reading. We can no more live in a non-deconstructive world, than our parents could live in a non-Freudian world. Whether or not they had ever heard of Freud. Whether or not we have ever heard of Derrida and the other French designer-label, lit-crit names. Today, the narrative drive of even Beavis and Butthead is deconstructive: it operates by pointing out, and thereby undermining the rhetoric, the artifice, of the videos that make up the show that they themselves are part of.

That is, contentious reading practices have trickled down into the lowest crannies of our culture, unlike the mindset of Othello, a structuralist in search of The Meaning while the clowns remain in the margins, confusing words:

Clown: Are these, I pray you, wind instruments?

Musician: Ay, marry, are they sir.

Clown: O, thereby hangs a tail.

Musician: Whereby hangs a tale, sir.

Clown: Marry, sir, by many a wind instrument that I know.

Complicating an issue, or problemtizing it, as academics like to say, moves by opening discourse to the free play of language, an epistemology that has become as common as well, comedy, in Dante's sense of the word — common, i.e., vernacular. Us. We The People.

The Bloody Glove
The Ugly Shoe

Prosecutor (a structuralist): Fact A: Only 300 pairs of men’s, extra large, Aris Isotoner Light leather gloves exist. Fact B: The defendant owned several pairs. Fact C: One of these gloves was found at the murder scene soaked in blood containing DNA common to the defendant and one out of 57 billion people. Fact D: Footprints were left in the blood by a killer wearing rare Bruno Magli shoes —

O-Jello: I would never wear an ugly ass shoe like that!

Clown: There’ something strange going on here when racists bring in photos of a man wearing shoes that he doesn’ wear — a conspiracy of images, lab results, words and other mediated languages with false referents. Why? Because they think he is guilty and want to frame him.

Prosecutor: Hey, “ the guilty” is an oxymoron!


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